Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Abstracts should be organized according to the following spelling rules.
• Titles in 12 point Times New Roman font bold, only the first letters of words is capital,
•The first letters of the author's name and surname must be greater, and they must be typed in 12 point Times New Roman.
•Address and e-mail addresses, Times New Roman font, 10 point and normal, only the corresponding author's e-mail address must be given.
• Abstracts should not exceed 250 words. It should be typed in font size 10 point Times New Roman and normal.
• "Key words" should be at most 5 words, titles in Times New Roman font, 10 pt and bold, contents must be normal.
• Line spacing should be one.
• In the text “Scientific names” only italics.

The author cannot submit more than 2 presentations. The presentations can be (1 poster + 1 oral). 2 poster or 2 oral presentations cannot be submitted.

Please See Sample Abstract Template

The space allocated for poster presentation on the clipboard is 65 cm wide and 90 cm height. Spelling rules can be done according to one's own preferences.
The space allocated for posters during registration will be notified to participants by congress staff.